Found: Draft - last saved 11/1/10

barely on the computer anymore... 
i had some drafts saved on this blog apparently... 
this is one that i thought i did post. 


screen shot from b.udani


a check off my bucket list...

driving out to the middle of nowhere...
in alaska...

saw a moose on the way...
in the middle of the road...
didn't get a photo.
i hate moose as much as i hate whales now.
i mean, yeah it's cool seeing wild creatures...
but i don't care to hang around them for more than a few seconds.

anyway, nature gave me a light show...

it's actually not as vibrant to the naked eye as it is captured with a camera.
it's like a milky hue in the sky...
whisks of light...
like streaks of clouds...
wasn't so green...
but still amazing & beautiful.
probably would have been more vivid if the moon wasn't full.
photos may be a little blurry.
didn't have my tripod.
also, didn't really take my time.
darkness + wilderness + wild animals = no thanks
long exposures are fun nonetheless.
definitely something every photographer should experience.
just one of the reasons why photography is so great...
capturing things we cannot see.

shot with canon 5d + 17-40mm f/4.0 l usm
no edit



leaving for alaska tonight.
really should get to packing.
but instead, i browse the interwebz.
haven't had time to...
so let me just spend an hour or 8...
clicking through page after page after page...

here are some photos from alaska.
not mine.
a friend's.
after seeing all of these & "like"-ing them on tumblr,
i feel like this is the standard i have to go by when shooting during my travels.
don't know why i feel this way.
probably because these photos are so good.
and i've never been there, but i got a preview through another's eyes.
i know my time there will not be like this.
won't see the same things.
not going to the same place.
but i'm going by the colors, saturation, and elements...
something about the air maybe.

more here --

おたんじょうび おめでとう。


look. over there.

photo - hnlpulse



thanks for posting this @alyyyygator.
now i want to drag kitties on leashes everyday.


"go running"

organizing deskstop.
this is kind of an old photo.
not super old.
but i have more ink on me since.
way more.
and still going.
my friend cisco told me to go run bc i look pudgy.
lucky olelo // er crew
photo by aaron yoshino


maru videos all day...

where's the fan club?
sign me up.

0:31 made me LOLZ with excitement.
squealed like a pig.

maru blog -- http://sisinmaru.blog17.fc2.com/